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My moment of wit
All my life when I talk with people they inadvertantly answer me, "O.K. Kaye! Oh, that's so cute!" I use to hate it when I was a child, but when you think about it, it really is "so" cute.
Family Time  

The holidays are upon us! Yea! Sometimes this can be the greatest time of the year to spend with family, or it can be one of the most challenging times for family. Whichever it is, it can always be a time for new beginnings. I like new beginnings. They mean we can start over, fresh, anew. We can put all the baggage on a bon fire and burn it all up. This is the reason for the season—Jesus came to forgive sinners, of which I am chief. That’s right He burned up all my baggage.

Kind of makes it easier to forgive Uncle Bilbo when I think of what Jesus had to do to forgive me.

From the Kitchen  
Sugar Free Punch
1 - 2 liter diet ginger-ale 1 - 2 qt tub Crystal Lite
1 - 2 liter diet 7-Up or Sprite Shaved Ice (Sonic)
  Fill punch bowl half full with shaved ice. Sprinkle Crystal Light powder over ice. Add equal amounts of 2 liter soda over ice. Mix before serving.

Powder will last for 4 liters of soda. Add more powder for flavor desire.

Can vary color according to different flavors.  
  Have fun this is a great punch and your sugar lovers never know they are drinking sugar free punch!!
Quiet Talks  

Richard has been talking so much about procrastinating this week that he has made me look at myself and ask the ugly question, "Am I a procrastinator?"

I don’t know if I am a procrastinator, I just get so busy. I put things off and I will try to get around to them later (or at the last minute). But a procrastinator? . . . naaaa! Not me. I always have a quiet time, it maybe late and after everything is done . . . wait a minute, maybe I am procrastinating my spiritual life and giving God the left overs.

Isn’t that also procrastinating?

Little Hands  

The other day, Cecilia was playing in the den as I was getting plates out of the cabinet for lunch (we were having the famous Mac & Cheese lunch). I had just taken down one of the small plastic plate when another small plastic plate fell from the cabinet and landed right on my big toe. As you guess, I was not wearing shoes. Boy, did it hurt; and as I did the, “I’m not going to cry,” dance, Cecilia comes running into the kitchen to see if I am OK.

"Mommy, are you OK," she said patting me on the leg.

“Yes, I’m fine,” I assured her as I continued to dance around the kitchen.

And with only the wisdom of a child she then reached up and patted me on the arm while saying, “It's OK Mom. At least it was not a glass plate, then you would have to clean up a big mess.”

Reality, its what you make of it.

By the Heart  

I checked this book out from our public library while I was waiting on Cecilia to pick a book or ten. I did not realize it would impact me so much (I really chose it because of the title).

919534: Get Off Your Knees and Pray: A Woman"s Guide to   Life-Changing Prayer
All or Nothing
By Richard D. McCormack

I am kind of prejudice on this book, after all it was written by "My Man."
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