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Living Darkness #1 Choices
  By Richard D. McCormack    

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    There is a war being fought that cannot be seen--until now!
    Could the shadowy supernatural figures Don "The Max" Johnson thinks he sees be the reason for all the devastated lives around him?
    Confident that demons and other supernatural beings are behind the changes to his family, the members of his church, and the murder of his wife and son, Don "The Max" Johnson must find a way to fight back before it is too late. Gifted with the ability to see the spiritual world, Don finds himself being pulled away from his church as his sight of the spiritual world becomes clearer.
    "In this first story of a six part suspense thriller, Living Darkness: #1 Choices, the reader is drawn to the edge of their seat, wondering if they also see shadows moving? With intrigue and suspense that can only be experienced between the pages of Living Darkness: #1 Choices, the reader is brought to the brink of seeing what they don't want to see--a war between angels and demons."
    Jackie Paulson
    "McCormack's debut is bound to send shivers down your spine! This serial cliffhanger will frighten even the most seasoned horror fan. It's original, well thought out and contains a slew of characters that will leave us breathless. The author's writing is reminiscent to King and Matheson who are known for leaving readers spooked and hanging by a thread by the time we reach the terrifying finish. And, let the anticipation begin for the next installment..."
    Jaime A. Geraldi
    RDMc Publishing * Rush Springs * Oklahoma