About Richard D. McCormack
I am a noted freelance writer and publisher skilled in several genres. I own a modest publishing company, established upon the effort to help unknown authors produce quality publishable works. RDMc Publishing is a specialty publishing business with over 15 years of experience in the written word.

My writing skills are the finest. I always aspire to produce quality work for all my clients. My goal is to communicate your desires so your services are fulfilled. I have experience in writing, editing, blogging, and ghostwriting. My extensive list of publications in print consists of books, magazine and newspaper articles. I also do several weekly blogs.
  Writing Genres
    Fiction and Non-fiction writing: I am the author of two books and fourteen short stories with ten more in production. I freelance for magazines, blogs, and newspapers as well as write two weekly blogs. My primary writing is on overcoming and inspiration; however, I also work with projects that develop character, enhance values, and provide educational growth.

Journalism: I am a skilled journalist. I have been published in many papers around the world. My focus is reporting the story. I also do features to express a point of a story.
  RDMc Publishing
1996 - Present
RDMc Publishing is an international publishing house, selling books world wide via the internet. Our books are distributed through www.rdmcpublishing.com; www.rdmcpublishing.net; www.amazon.com; www.bookinprint.com; www.books.google.com; www.lulu.com and many others. Since 1996 RDMc Publishing has actively assisted Christian writers develop and publish their works through non-traditional sources. We believe it is our vision to help unknown writers find the means necessary so they are able to publish their body of work.
  RDMc Photography
1982 - Present
RDMc Photography is a freelance photography company specializing in classical portrait photography. I was trained by Master Ralph Hutsell in classical portrait photography where I learned the foundations of the craft. These foundations have aided me in producing commercial work ranging from tabletop to large scale jobs. Today, I use my photography skills to accentuate my writing and publishing; whether it is in the design of a book cover or photographing the President of the United States for a magazine. RDMc Publishing has a lengthy history of more than 30 years in photography. My range of mediums started with the old press cameras where you visualize what you wanted on the film before the shutter was clicked, all the way to today’s modern digital world. The mediums of photography have changed but the principles, “painting with light,” remains the same.
  Southwestern News
    Director of Photography/Newsletter Editor
2000 - 2003
Southwestern News is a multi-national magazine distributed world wide. I served as the director of photography and as an editor. I also wrote articles for the publication.
  Eye of the Tiger
  Blogging the Cross
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