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Company Profile: RDMc Publishing, Rush Springs, Oklahoma 73082
Business: Private
Industry: Publishing modern Christian authors and archival theological books and manuscripts.
RDMc Publishing has partnered with many leading book distributors as an online outlet. We are able to provide high quality books at a reasonable price.
Country: United States
Start up Date: 1996
Principal Activity:

The principal activity of the company is a servant based publishing company. We specialize in publishing original primary theological source material at a low cost to the public. Our publishing of original primary theological source is achieved through reprint/reproduction of archival books and manuscripts from various libraries. This combined with original writings from modern authors make up the bulk of our companies production.

About Us: Since 1996 RDMc Publishing has actively assisted Christian writers develop and publish their works through non-traditional sources. We believe it is our vision to help unknown writers find the means necessary so they are able to publish their body of work. Today, RDMc Publishing has taken that vision one step further through the medium of reprinting/reproducing original primary source theological books and manuscripts. We have committed significant resources in developing authenticated works for scholars, researchers, students, pastors, and the average reader.
What We Do: RDMc Publishing is an international publishing house, selling books world wide via the internet. Our books are distributed through;;;; and many others. RDMc Publishing has contracted with different printing companies to offer digital printing for our books. By utilizing these printing companies who print digital books we are able to print from 1 to 10,000 copies, this allows RDMc Publishing to offer each copy at a low cost to the consumer without time delay.
Our Goal: Today, and into the future, RDMc Publishing’s goal is to provide a ministry based publishing house that helps Christian authors publish their body of work without initial set up cost. RDMc Publishing also attaines to publish original primary sources for scholars, researchers, students, pastors, and the average consumer. Because it has been our experience that secondary sources are either watermarked or misquoted, we have had a vision to produce original primary sources without these difficulties and make them available via the internet. Our aim is to be a ministry that is accountable to God for our actions. We desire to help authors achieve their dreams. We also achieve to be an original primary source reprint/reproduction publishers. RDMc Publishing takes pride in the continual reprint/reproduction of original primary sources that all our books are authenticated as being original reprints/reproductions from the earliest source available to us.

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