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  Audio Podcasts - The Cross for a Moment  
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  10 Factors of a Humbled Life  
  Humbleness vs. Humiliation  
  Humble Yourself  
  Why I Want to Have the Attitude of Christ!  
  Why Would I Want to Have the Attitude of Christ?  
  What Does Unforgiveness Look Like?  
  Declaration of a Servant  
  Rebellious as Jonah  
  Having the Same Mind  
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  Preparing for the Attitude  
  God Is Here: Part 4  
  God Is Here: Part 3  
  God Is Here: Part 2  
  God Is Here: Part 1  
  Practice! Practice! Practice!  
  Starting to Be Like Jesus  
  What Is Holding Me Back?  
  What Jesus Does for Us  
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  Our Priority  
  What is Jesus saying?  
  Learning to Be a Mary  
  The Real Valentine  
  Touch the Hem  
  Who Touched Me?  
  The Crowd  
  Being Alone  
  The Woman at the Well Part 5  
  The Woman at the Well Part 4  
  The Woman at the Well Part 3  
  The Woman at the Well Part 2  
  The Woman at the Well Part 1  
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About the author
Circumstances never dictate who you are—only Christ can. What if through a word a person could be set free from their bondage of sin? What if a person could find healing from a past wrong they did, or was done to them? What if that healing was permanent? read more.
Three Trees Stood
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